Top Die Varieties by Date

The Top Die Varieties by Date set is a project that began in 2012. It has undergone several revisions with detailed input from members of the Fly-in Club. All ‘top’ or ‘best of’ lists are subjective, but the list below should get at the heart of what collectors desire. All comments are welcome.

A complete date set of varieties would feature a specimen from all known hub types, thus some dates have more than a single coin. Examples are the Shallow and Bold N dies of 1870, 71 and 72 – and the Type 1 and Type 2 designs in 1886. Therefore, our list is by date and hub type.

This date set was constructed beginning with the Top Varieties by Type list. Luckily, none of them share a date so we can include them all in our date set below. To date, no individual has been known to assemble such a myriad of varieties. Will you be the first? Good luck!


Top Flying Eagle Cent Die Varieties

 1857 Obv. of 1856 RPD-002
 1857 Obv. of 1857 MDC-002
 1858 LL/HL OVD-001
 1858 LL/LL Close E DDO-010
 1858 LL/LL Open E DDO-005
 1858 SL/HL DDO-014
 1858 SL/LL Close E DDO-009
 1858 SL/LL Open E DDO-008, RPD-002

Top Indian Head Cent Die Varieties

1859 RPD-001
 1860 Rounded ODD-001
 1860 Pointed RPD-001
 1861 RPD-001
 1862 DDR-001
1863 DDR-001
 1864 CN – UnlistedThe top CN variety for this date has not yet been published, stay tuned for its release.
1864 No-L BR CRK-003
1864 L BR RPD-001
 1865 Fancy DDR-001
 1865 Plain 5 MPD-001, RPD-003
 1866 DDO-001, MPD-001
 1867 RPD-001
 1868 DDO-002, MPD-002, RPD-002
 1869 RPD-001
1870 Shallow NThe most desirable 1870 Shallow N die marriage is typically with the ‘Pick Axe‘ obverse! 1870 DDO-005, ODD-001.
1870 Bold NThe most desirable 1870 Bold N die marriage is typically with this obverse: 1870 DDO-001, MPD-001, RPD-002.
 1871 Shallow NAlthough the second 1870 Shallow N, DIE-002, is paired with an obverse with a MPD, the most desirable Shallow N specimen for this date is 1871 DIE-001 because of its rarity.
 1871 Bold N ODD-001, PUN-002 – Bar-lip variety
 1872 Shallow NThe most desirable Shallow N die is probably the last of the four, DIE-004. It is paired with the 1872 MPD-002 obverse, which is also paired with a Bold N reverse, so watch out!
 1872 Bold NThe most desirable variety with a Bold N reverse in 1872 forms two CUDs and remains unattributed. The die is paired with the obverse 1872 MPD-001, RPF-002. Be careful, because this obverse is paired with another Bold N die that does not have CUDs. The die marriage with the cuds on the reverse would be most desirable.
 1873 Open 3 DDO-003
1873 Closed 3 DDO-001
 1874 DDO-001
1875 DOT-001
 1876 MPD-001
 1877No varieties this year, but watch out for Bold N reverses. They are most probably fakes as a real one has yet to be found.
 1878 MPD-001
1879 RPD-001
 1880 OCC-001
 1881 ODD-001Missing ribbon ends
 1882 MPD-003 Digits in the pearls
1883 MPD-0011 in the neck
1884 ODD-001Star on shield reverse. This die variety comes paired with two obverses, one with a MPD in the denticles.
 1885 MPD-001
 1886 Variety 1 RPD-002Large 6 over Small 6
 1886 Variety 2 RPD-001Large 6 over Small 6
 1887 DDO-001
 1888 OVD-001
 1889 OCC-001
1890 QDO-001
 1891 DDO-001
1892 ODD-002‘Scarface’ variety
 1893 RPD-001
1894 RPD-001
1895 MPD-0015 in hair curl
 1896 RPD-008
1897 MPD-001 ‘THE MPD’
1898 MPD-011
 1899 ODD-001, RPD-029Spiked lip
1900 MPD-0021 in forehead
1901 RST-001Rusted reverse
1902 ODD-001Die gouge by eye
1903 ODD-001‘Goatee’ variety
 1904 RPD-003
 1905 DDR-002
 1906 DDR-002
1907 RPD-027
 1908 MPD-007
1908-S RPM-001
1909 DDO-001The double dies of 1909 are extremely similar, but the 1909 DDO-001 is believed to be master die doubling of two different designs. This theory helps explain the Large L over Small L exhibited in Liberty’s ribbon

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