Digit Punch Die Varieties

There are many instances throughout the Indian Cent series where different digit punches were used in a single year. In some instances, such as 1873, they changed the style of the digits. These changes in the digit styles create interest and desirability among collectors, but the real interest arises when the digit punches themselves change over time and impart interesting varieties onto dies. You can think about these changes as varieties of digit punches themselves.

In years like 1880, the digit punch fractured and deteriorated as it was being used to strike the dies. There is also an interesting digit punch die variety from 1882. In my opinion, these forms of die varieties are undervalued and understudied. In general, die punch varieties are about as mysterious, interesting, and rare as overdates.

These instances where there is a deterioration of the date due to a digit punch, the variety will be assigned with a PUN number. To see a list of all PUN varieties, click here!

You can learn more at Wexler’s page on digit punches.


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