Counterfeit and Fake Indian Head & Flying Eagle Cents

Here, we will simply list counterfeit and fake dies as we find them. In the future, I hope to attribute counterfeit and fake Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents as FAKE-001, etc.

Susan Headly has an amazing gallery of counterfeit Indian Head Cents or Pennies in production and for sale in China. Please see Susan Headly’s gallery!

It is very important to know that fake coins are not always removed from auction sites like eBay. If you are every unsure about buying a coin online, then don’t do it! The most obvious sign of a bad fake is the shape of the numerals in the date. Often times, the digits are uneven, distorted, and plain horrible. Other fakes are much more convincing and can only be identified by looking for die markers. Other give-always tend to be the color and quality of the planchets. It is impossible to take a modern planchet and age it more than 100 years. Honest toning and wear on coins can not be faked and is easily spotted by the trained eye.

If you ever question the authenticity of your Flying Eagle or Indian Head Cents, then get several opinions. You can always post questionable specimens on our Facebook page. Never attempt to pass-off a fake coin as real. If you unknowingly buy a fake coin and discover it after the purchase, then return the coin to where you bought it. You may think you are finding a real deal at the flea market, but if you don’t have the option to return a coin then odds are you shouldn’t buy it. Be careful!

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