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Multi-denominational Clash Match Set

The three MDCs of the Flying Eagle Series are wildly popular: 1857 MDC-001, 1857 MDC-002, and 1857 MDC-003. These are often collected as a set, along with MDC-002’s complementing Seated Quarter and MDC-003’s Seated Half Dollar. If you have completed the set, then let us know so we can list your name and set to the list of Match Set Champions.

A dedicated FEC collector may wish to stop there, but for those also collecting Indian Cents the Two-Cent and Shield Nickel clashes are well desired – even though they are not Indian Cents. In the Two-Cent series, a clash with Indian Cents have been found in 1864. A shield nickel variety in 1870 also shows clashing with an Indian Cent. However, it is not yet known if these clashed Indian Cent dies produced any Indian Cents after the clashing. None have been found in either year.


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