Odd Die Varieties

Odd die varieties are atypical die varieties that don’t fall under the classic variety types like repunched dates (RPDs) and doubled dies (DDs). Below is a list of examples.

Many of the odd die varieties are caused by die deterioration or a presumed die production defect. These die defects can change shape and grow over the life of the die.

Die gouges and die file marks are typically assumed to be caused during the preparation of the die, whether accidental or not. A good example of a die gouge and die scratches occur in 1863. The scratches or file marks will be inside Liberty’s ear. On one variety, a gouge connects the M in AMERICA with one of Liberty’s feathers. Any evidence of man-made error on a die seems to command interest and a premium, especially for oddities that can’t be explained.

And then there are oddities that are wild! For example, the 1884 ODD-001 with the ‘Star in the Shield’ is anyone’s guess.


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