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Digit in the Portrait Match Set

This match set is intended for all varieties that show digits inside the portrait. For varieties that exhibit a digit protruding from the portrait and into the field see the Digits in the Field match set.


  • There are a plethora of varieties exhibiting digits in the bottom of Liberty’s hair curls, which are each very similar and occur relatively frequently. No fewer than 8 such MPDs are known in 1888 alone. To keep the Digits in the Portrait set short and achievable, varieties with minor RPDs in the lower hair curls have been left out. These MPDs can be collected as their own match set.
  • The 1863 ODD-004 is prone to mis-attribution as a misplaced date in the pearls. David Poliquin, the coin’s discoverer, believes it to be a large die chip or damage. The lump in this variety does not resemble the shape of any digit, although it is very large. Nevertheless, the 1863 ODD-004 is a highly collectible die variety.
  • The 1873 ODD-001 is also prone to mis-attribution as a misplaced date in the neck. The lump is very similar to the one found on the 1863 ODD-004, and can not be definitively called a digit. Die lumps and dots occur often in the early era of Indian Cent series, some of which have yet to be attributed.



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