Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Die Varieties

The Most Complete Index of Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Die Varieties

This online database is the most complete index of die varieties for early small cents, or pennies, ever assembled. It includes every Flying Eagle and Indian Head die variety from Kevin Flynn, Rick Snow, David Poliquin, Walter Breen, Paul Marvin, Arnold Margolis, Mort Goodman, Sam Thurman, Russell Doughty, and others. All varieties are clearly cross-referenced in our index.

In fact, you can use the search box to look up a variety using any number, such as 1897 S1, 1888 P1, or 1864 No-L CRK-004. Having the ability to browse through the die varieties on your computer or mobile device is a real breakthrough in numismatics, and may prove to be an important development in educating youth about the hobby. People seem glued to their screen, so to reach them you must exist in their realm, right?! Especially the younger generations.

Photos are added when I have time and new die varieties are announced on the homepage. Please contact if you have photos, research, or new die varieties that can help us. Also, feel free to use the ‘Reviews‘ tab on each page to rate and review the die varieties. Feedback is important to us, so please let us know how we can improve the website.

The numbering system on this site builds upon the system first published by Kevin Flynn in books like:

Attribution of your coins are always free. We only ask that you pay for insurance and shipping both ways. Unless it is the holiday season or vacation, coins will be returned within 5 business days.


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