Variety Summary

Out of the three 1857 Flying Eagle cent multi-denominational clashed dies, this is the most common. Several uncirculated specimens are known. No 1857 Liberty Seated half dollar has been verified with the clash marks of a Flying Eagle cent. There are only six multi-denomination clashes known for all United States series. Of the six, four were created on 1857 coinage. The primary question is whether these 1857 multi-denominational clashed dies are the result of an accident, faulty machinery, poor workmanship, coincidence, or purposeful act? Some have speculated that they were the result of the night watchman, Theodore Eckfeldt, but there is no evidence to support this theory. They were most likely the result of accident or inexperience during a year of high demand and high production and decreased quality control. For each of the six known multi-denominational clashed dies, the working dies were centered when they were clashed. This supports the conclusion that the clashing occurred in the coining press.

Misattributed as a cud by Marvin and Margolis (1979).


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