Variety Summary

There are 8 off-center clashed dies known for the entire 19th century, and 5 of them occur in the Indian Head series. This variety is the only one to be coupled with a doubled die, 1880 DDO-001, but is primarily sought for the off-center clashing on the reverse that is visible with the naked eye.

This variety has always been found with the doubling on the obverse and the clashing on the reverse. The obverse does not show signs of the outline of the reverse design elements of the shield, wreath, of letters of NE of ONE, or N of CENTS.

Therefore, it is more probable that this reverse die was clashed with a different obverse. Based upon the depth of the remnants, the clashing was caused under pressure, but as the obverse working die was horizontally offset towards 2 o’clock, the clashing could not have occurred in the coining press.


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