A nice trio of new die varieties have been added to the catalogue listings: a repunched date, exotic die crack, and a new retained cud.

The 1896 RPD-019 was found housed in an NGC MS64RB holder at auction (not eBay). The repunching in the top loop might actually be a die gouge or deep die line as it appears to lack curvature. The 1866 CRK-001 photographed is the second one I’ve found, the first being in a grade of G or VG. I will get some pictures up of the lower grade coin, which exhibits the die crack in the 1 very prominently. I had suspected that a higher grade example would yield more die cracks, and it turned out to be so! An example with a bisecting die crack would be a true find.

The 1862 CUD-011 features a retained cud on the obverse. Finding a retained cud on the obverse in the Indian Head Cent series is a true find because the obverse was the hammer die, and broken portions of the die quickly fell out of the press due to gravity.

Finally, two awesome varieties have had photos added. The 1883 ODD-001 has the die dot on the reverse, under the N in ONE. The 1907 MPD-011 is very neat as it clearly shows the top of a 7 in the denticles and a trace of the 0.



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