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Hey everyone. I really appreciate all the use my site has received. The constant and heavy traffic tells me that people are very interested in Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents! It was my hope that some of the hosting costs associated with this site would be alleviated by adding a Donate button at the top. However, I’ve only received two donations. I’ve poured hundreds of hours of my own time into this site with the objective to increase interest in numismatics. The hosting fees are not exactly cheap, and they really add up over the years.

So, I’ve been exploring a couple of options. First, I will try to put ads on the site and see if the returns are high enough to cover the cost of hosting. I’m not optimistic that this will we a worthwhile solution, but I think I’d rather try this first and keep the site free. My second thought is to make the site subscription based with a very small annual fee. My goal has never been to make money with this website, and that remains to be true. I’d like to recoup the cost of hosting, which continues to increase over the years and is becoming relatively cost prohibitive.

Thanks for your support and happy hunting! – Russ

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