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New Photos for Existing Listings

Howdy once more, everyone! I’ve updated 28 of our existing listings with photos. Most of them didn’t have pictures at all. The black and white photos were taken by Kevin Flynn many years ago, and he is coauthor on my website. The updated photos come from Ed Nathanson, a fellow enthusiast, who was kind enough to extend use of the photos to the numismatic community for research and enjoyment! We now have 4,060 photos on our website. Our collection is perhaps the most authoritative and complete reference for any single series of coins in the world.

More on the way…


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Newest Listings

Hey everyone! Below are the latest additions to our listings. Thirty new varieties! I have several coins I’ve recently attributed and photographed. They have not yet been added. I’ve been working to catch-up on the varieties documented by David Poliquin and Ed Nathanson. Our database now has 1,399 Indian Head Cent die varieties.




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Latest Update

Just a heads up on the latest developments. I’ve been working hard on the upcoming book and the website. There were some issues that took the site down for several days. Those issues have been resolved, but please hang in there while I continue to make things better for you!


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