A Horde of New Die Varieties

Alright, I should be caught up with new die variety attributions of my own. These 32 die varieties are exclusive finds that have only been documented here at IndianVarieties.com. I recently updated the database with all known varieties from Rick Snow and David Poliquin, too. Our index is the most complete list of die varieties available anywhere in print or online. The database contains approximately 1,339 varieties and our website features over 3,700 images.

Highlights include a new 1902 DDR-002 paired with an obverse attributed as 1902 ODD-002. The 1865 Fancy 5 ODD-005 is perhaps the most fantastically scratched die found to date. The 1907 CUD-001, RST-002 and 1907 RST-003 are big finds – both are currently unique. There are several new RPDs and CUDs. Check them out!