Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!


November 12th: I discovered that the listings for 1884 Indian Head Cents contained several errors, so I have corrected them. Two varieties were missing, so there are a total of 10 known varieties for 1884. Here are my notes:

  • 1884 MPD-001 and MPD-002 were found to be duplicate listings.
  • There are misplaced digits on 1884 RPD-001, but they have never been noted. This variety is now correctly listed as 1884 MPD-002, RPD-001. Check it out!
  • Two MPDs were missing from the online listings. They have been added as 1884 MPD-005 and 1884 MPD-006.
  • What was listed as MPD-005 because of the two missing MPDs is now correctly labeled 1884 MPD-007.
  • Errors in cross-referencing and attribution are fixed.

November 5th: The database has been updated with 33 new varieties! Many of them are cuds, but there are also new repunched dates, rusted dies, and other odd die varieties. Some of the photos are not yet online, but about 30-40 existing varieties have had their images added to their online listing.



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