Wow, 46 nice varieties have surfaced in the last couple of months. We have pictures of 31 of them, assembled below. The most notable might be the 1866 COL-001, RPD-005, which features the first ever attributed broken collar. Photos for approximately 60 known varieties have been added, too.

Also, I have coded several improvements on the back-side to help with searching, sorting, and collecting. Please view the tutorial video to learn more about using the website.

  • You can now search by Snow and Poliquin number, like 1888 S1 or 1898 P38.
  • Listings updated to include all Snow varieties as of the most recent Longacre Ledger (not yet pictured on this site)
  • Listings updated to include all David Poliquin varieties as of 7-10-2015 (all are pictured here on this site)
  • Default search result order is now sorted by variety name.
  • Added sub-categories for 1858 small and large letters; 1864 CN, L, No-L; 1865 Fancy and Plain 5; 1873 Open and Closed 3; and 1886 Type I and II
  • Added tags to varieties that appear in the Top Variety and match sets

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