You may think you know this Indian Head Cent variety, but look again! 


1880 MPD-002, PUN-007

1880 MPD-002, PUN-007

Only one obverse Indian Head Cent die has been seen with this broken digit punch, which also exhibits a fabulous misplaced date. The MPD can be a great way to identify this variety from the other broken punches of this date. Interestingly, this bold misplaced digit was photographed and cataloged by Kevin Flynn in the mid 1990s.





1880 MPD-002, PUN-007

1880 MPD-002, PUN-007


However, it remained unpublished until 2015 by Rick Snow had attributed this coin for the deteriorated date punch, but the MPD went unattributed until its rediscovery by Russell Doughty. It just goes to show, sometimes it takes more than one look – or sometimes a few hundred looks – before you see the obvious. Exciting new Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent varieties await us!


New Photos!

1862 DDR-001

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