This website is currently under construction… but what’s going on!?

Continuing upon research begun by Kevin Flynn, we will host all that you ever wanted to know about Flying Eagle and Indian Cents. Listing numbers from Kevin’s books on repunched dates, misplaced dates, clashes, and double dies has been expanded to include all varieties listed by other numismatic researchers. Currently, all variety listings from Snow, Marvin & Margolis, Breen, Goodman and others are listed in the reference catalogue.

We have on hand a couple handful of new varieties, never before published so stay tuned!!

Send us your pictures if you can help us fill in the gaps. Pictures will be attributed. In the future, we will attribute and photograph your coins for this reference.

What needs to be done:

  1. Pictures are forthcoming!!
  2. Comments are sparse, but will be constantly updated.
  3. Photograph, notate, and post new varieties.
  4. Speed up catalogue load time.
  5. Actually write articles and content for all the empty pages you see in the menu.

What has been done:

  1. Updated numbering system (DDO, RPD, etc.) for all Snow, Marvin & Margolis, Breen, and Goodman varieties. This includes cuds, now designated with the prefix ‘CUD’.
  2. Complete cross-referencing should be accurate; please contact us if you see errors.



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